About Us

We are Wales Pre-school Providers Association (Wales PPA), a national charity and membership organisation that promotes and supports bilingual pre-school care, education and learning through play across Wales.

Vision: Inspiring quality childcare while learning through play.

Mission: To promote the delivery of high quality childcare through guidance, support and representation across Wales.

We have five statements of principle:
  • The development, education and care of pre-school children is of paramount importance to improve their life chances.
  • All children have the right to high quality care.
  • Parents and families are the prime educators of children.
  • Active parental/carer participation should be encouraged and supported.
  • All children and adults should have the right to equality of opportunities and be treated with respect.

Registered Office: Unit 1, The Lofts, 9 Hunter Street, Cardiff, CF10 5GX.
T: 029 2045 1242 E:(info@walesppa.org).
Registered Charity Number:1056381. Company limited by guarantee: 3164233.

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