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Membership Categories

Under 5 Providers (Playgroup): Playgroup members usually provide sessional childcare for up to four hours or less for children two to five years old.

Toddler Group: Toddler groups run sessions for both children, predominately under two and a half years old, and parents/carers (who stay for the session and are responsible for their children)

Combined Under 5/Toddler Group: Playgroup and toddler group sessions are held at different times but have the same committee and share equipment.

Full Day Care: Full day care settings care for children from birth to five years old on an all day basis without parents/carers.

Childminder: Childminders are registered to look after children under eight years old in the childminder’s own home. They look after no more than six children under the ages of eight, with a maximum of three children under the age of five.

Out of School Childcare Club: Clubs provide care for children aged three to 14 years old before and/or after the school day during term-time, with some also operating during school holidays.

Creche: Occasional day care for children aged from birth up to the age of 12 years on non domestic premises without parents/carers.

Individual: For those interested in the welfare of young children and families and/or the work of Wales PPA.

Corporate: Local authorities, Welsh Government agencies, colleges, local enterprise companies, libraries and voluntary sector agencies, with an interest in providing, influencing and developing pre-school provision.

Student: Students enrolled on early years training courses in colleges or through work based learning.

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